Art Fair Malaga

12-07-2017 18:32

Art Fair Málaga '17 was the opportunity fully achieved by 20 of the artists of the Epopeia de Artes to make their works visible in the international art market, to consolidate their brand in the agenda of international art fairs and to finish any barriers between the current producers of art, the new galleries and the new art collectors.

Epopeia de Artes is a non-profit association with 221 members formed in June 2015. Its mission is the promotion, dissemination and sale of works of artists. The President of board is Kim Molinero (Painter, Sculptor and International commissioner): The treasurer is Dina de Sousa (surrealist painter) . The secretary is Teresa Martins (abstration painter). The Presidente of General Assembly is Prof. Doutor Mamede Albuquerque (amamede - sculptor). The four were present at the stands 82 / 83B of the Fair. 

With an exhibition space of 6,000 m2 Art Fair Malaga has all the conditions to become the II largest Art Fair in Spain.